Welcome to the 3DIR website!

3DIR is a research project launched by a team at Loughborough University. The essence of the project is that a visual representation of a 3D artefact (such as a building modelled using a CAD programme) can be exploited for information retrieval purposes when managing a repository of documents/information about that artefact. The construction industry will be used as an initial case study, but this fundamental concept should have applications in most design domains as well as in document retrieval in everyday life.

The team is led by Dr Peter Demian, working with Dr Kirti Ruikar, Professor Anne Morris and previously the late Dr Ann O’Brien. The project¬†was funded by a Brian Mercer Feasibility Award from the Royal Society and the Higher Education Innovation Fund at Loughborough University. We are working with industry partners from the software and construction industries.¬† You can download the free 3DIR app from Autodesk Revit from the Autodesk App Store:


Interested in working with us? Want to find out more?
Email Peter Demian at P.Demian-at-lboro.ac.uk or visit 3DIR.org again.